Micheal Lewis-

“I bought my first Liquor Lamp 2 years ago. I must say this was the most unique purchase i have ever made!”

“I bought this “Blazzzin Liquor Lamp” for my husband and he absolutely loves it! I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for something a little different”

“My lamp just arrived today and I must say this is a must have! I ordered the Blazzzin New Amsterdam. It has gotten a lot of compliments already”.

Scott P.,
“All I can say is brilliant. I have a home bar and this just tops it off! I own 3 blazzzin lamps and the compliments are non-stop!! A must have even if you are not a drinker.”

“Simply amazing!”

“I have seen some other liquor lamps on the web but I have not seen anything with this much detail ! My lamp just arrived today. Lisa is a pleasure to speak with and she does this all by herself 100% handmade!! Other than the bottle of course :0 !! Great work Lisa.”

“Love the lamp! Got some friends placing orders. Honestly I love my personalized checkout  tab !!”

“Yoooo!! My lamp just arrived today in perfect condition! This lamp is awesome! beautiful work lisa!! Lisa is great, her lamps are great!! a must have. Deciding on the next one I want Also the prices are unbeatable!”

“Glad to be part of the Blazzzin family!”

“Got my lamp and it is awesome!!!!! Lisa keep doing your thing they are beautiful!!”

“It’s allot of these lamps on the web but these lamps are the real deal. Lisa is more than pleasant to speak with and everything is as she says it is. Beautiful work!! Will order another real soon.”

“Lamp just arrived yesterday. OMG!!!! Whatttt!! I love it, my friends love it. If you do not own one, OWN ONE SOON!!!”

“Ordered one for my boyfriend, he cherishes it will not let anyone touch it fearing they will break it. Lisa, great job! I will be ordering a more “girly” one for myself!! Will be contacting you again real soon”

“Yooooo !! This lamp is great! I’ve gotten mad props on this lamp. Lisa….I will be ordering another one! Great work!

“Got a Blazzzin Lamp for my dad and he absolutely loves it! “

“was very skeptical at first to order. Have seen a lot of these on the web but Lisa’s work is by far what she says it is. It is obvious that she takes time and care in her work. It comes very securely packaged and the price….you can’t beat”

Matt & Sasha,
“Glad to be part of the Blazzzin Family!! Great work! Great seller!! Hey Lisa…Christmas is coming get your drill ready!! A must buy”

“Wonderful buy! Will be getting another.”

“My boyfriend loves it!! Now his dad wants one lol. It’s so hard to get the “right” gift for him, but i hit it right on the spot with this!! Thank you Lisa!!!!”

“Yoooo just received my lamp just in time for Christmas!! Right on time and just what I ordered!! Thank you Lisa!!”

“Great gift! Glad I found your site!!”

“Hello and thank you Lisa! The Holiday Special…you cannot beat!! Great product I covered 6 people for the price of 3!”

“I have seen these type lamps advertised on other sites, but none for these great prices and the quality that comes along with it!! Lisa defintely puts her heart in making these wonderful lamps”!

“Beautiful work, love my lamp”

“Lisa, just want to say nice work!! I will be ordering again real soon 🙂 “!

“I love my Southern lamp”!

“Absolutely love my lamp”

“Great gift!! got it for my dad and he loves it!! Very unique gift idea especially for the holidays!!

“Wow!! I ordered my lamp for a Christmas present for my boyfriend and I must say it was the highlight of the gifts!! he absolutely loves it!! It came right on time just like Lisa promised!! Great gift!”

“Great Christmas gift to myself!! Thank you Lisa awesome work!”

Tim & Sarah,
“We ordered our Blazzzin Liqour Lamp for a Christmas gift to ourselves for our home. Great work! Great detail! Lisa is a pleasure to speak with, everything that was promised was done. Will definitely do business with her again!”

“Absolutely love my “Effin :)” liquor lamp!!

“Great work Lisa!! love it love it love it!! Glad I ran across you!!

“I did not expect this great of work for so little of a cost!!!!! Everyone love’s my Pinnacle Lamp!! Great job Lisa!!”

“Will send a picture very soon to post!! Love the lamp!”

“A must buy especially for the holidays coming soon. Great Work!!”

“My Absolute Apple is absolutely wonderful :)!!!”

“Great gift idea for anyone! The work detail is amazing!”

“Love my lamp!”

“My Ciroc lamp shipped as promised by Lisa, great condition, great work, and Lisa was wonderful to work with.”

Love my lamp!

Awesome work! Great customer service! Love it love it love it!!

Just ordered three Ciroc lamps, gotta say I love my personal tab 🙂  Lisa is great and very responsive.


Just got my lamp yesterday and all I will say is get one! I ordered extra eary for a Christmas gift but didn’t need too because it came earlier than expected!!

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