About Me


First I would like to say thank you for visiting my site! I am a Charlotte, NC native of 44 years.  I started out making quality Liquor Lamps in 2010 which started just being a pass time hobby. I also had to build up a lot of trusts in myself while this hobby of mine was somewhat dangerous! Drilling through glass is not everyone’s idea of a hobby lol.

What happened next I did not expect. People actually liked my work and I began to get orders to make my lamps for family members, co-workers, and friends of friends because everyone wanted one of my “cool” lamps. It started as friends seeing my lamps around my home, then it just expanded.

I did not start this with the idea that people would like my work, let alone it becoming a financial opportunity. I am very proud that my work has made it into the homes of so many people.  As long as I continue to create my Blazzzin Liquor Lamps, I plan to bring quality service as well as a quality product in your home as well.

-blazzzed out art-





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