Return Policy



All of my lamps may be returned within 3 days of the product shown as “delivered” upon contact with me for a 50% refund of “total lamp sell”, “or” a replacement lamp for equal value for “damaged product only”. All other sales are final.

For all returns, I ask that a picture is sent for the status of the product on the day that it is shown as delivered if possible. I also ask that “all” parts of the product be returned, the shipping cost will be the responsibility of the shipper being that a portion of the shipping cost will be included in the refund.

You may request a refund as stated above “or” a replacement lamp of equal value with “prepaid” shipping paid by the receiver. If you choose a replacement, a special tab will be created for you in the “Checkout” section with shipping cost only. If you choose a lamp of higher value, the difference will also be added to your payment tab. Once payment is received, the replacement lamp will be shipped and confirmation including tracking information will be provided.

Refund(s) will be issued upon confirmation of return information showing that the “first scan” by the delivery service chosen is within the above stated 3 day return period.

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