Blazzzed Out Hookahs!!

Hello to my Blazzzin Liquor Lamp family!! My lamps has been a hit with so many people and I want to extend my appreciation as well as my thank you’s to everyone that has shown me love!!

I have had many request to make Hookah’s from my liquor bottles. I must say that I have indeed thought about it and…….

As promised I would like to welcome the newest addition to the Blazzzin Family!! Below is my very first handmade Hookah!!! It has been well tested and approved.

As a Hookah smoker myself, I will only bring my highest quality product to the table!! I only use the best and safest products on my Blazzzin Hookah’s! Rest assured that I only use stainless steel for the downstem so no worries on corrosion and toxins that other lesser metal downstems may produce while you smoke and enjoy your hookah’s!!

If you have a request please contact me to see what we can work out!!

Because of the cost that it takes to make this item, all hookah’s are made to order, and will only be started once a non-refundable fee of  half of the cost of the hookah is paid minus the shipping cost. That will be paid once your hookah is ready to ship.



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