Due to the fact that all of my work is 100% handmade, and go very fast please contact me to discuss the many options available. Some of my work is made in advance and is ready to ship “as is” right away. Some styles may take a little longer than others.

Upon contact, we will discuss first and foremost what style you are looking for and the options available. We will also discuss targeted shipping dates depending on your order.

I will go over what bottles I have in stock ready to be custom made. If the bottle(s) of choice is not in stock and has to be purchased, that cost will then be “added” to the final cost of the lamp. I will deliver via email or text, your choice, a screenshot of what my purchase price will be, and go forward from there. If the bottle has to be purchased, the agreed-upon payment “must” be received first before the order is started. A copy of the receipt of the transaction will be provided in your shipment for your records.

If the bottle of choice is already in stock, payment does “not” have to be made first before order is started, but must be made before the order is “shipped”.  Please see the “Return Policy” tab for more details.

After the order is confirmed, a special checkout tab will be created just for you which will include all cost discussed for your Blazzzin Liquor Lamp.

I also sell on Etsy. All of my work there is ready to ship within 1-2 business days as discussed above! The work featured here is already made in advance so the style options that you see here is how it will arrive, no altercations are available on my work featured on Etsy. My “pre-made” work in my Etsy shop is limited but the request can still be made there as well as here on my site!

Visit my Etsy Shop at “blazzzinliquorlamps”. For quick access just click the “E” in the social media tabs to be redirected!


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